Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haaretz: YouTube allows Web users to interview Israel's future prime minister

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Last update - 01:36 23/12/2008

YouTube allows Web users to interview Israel's future prime minister

By Oded Yaron, Haaretz Correspondent

The 2009 elections appear to be the first in which the political system has been invaded by the internet and its tools. With more and more resources being invested in Israel in online campaigning, and with politicians' blogs and videos being virally disseminated via email, the influence of the recent U.S. election is apparent.

Now, a Channel 2 news initiative, in cooperation with the popular video sharing website YouTube, is riding the America-style elections trend with a new interactive Web page devoted to the upcoming general elections.

The page, (http://www.youtube.com/Elections09), invites internet users to upload 25-second videos addressing Israel's political candidates with questions. The page's viewers will be able to vote on the uploaded videos, and the most popular entries will be aired on Channel 2 and answered live by the candidates themselves.

In addition, the project promises that the winning entrants will be invited to the Channel 2 news studio to take part in a live interview with the prime ministerial candidates.

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