Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Ubuntu Linux Is a Good Business Choice

Why Ubuntu Linux Is a Good Business Choice

By Ken Hess, PC World

Chances are good that if someone walked into your office right now and peeked over your shoulder, they would see a Windows operating system on your computer. But, did you know that you have a choice of something other than Windows for that computer on your desk, and that you have the same choice for the servers in your data center?
One of those choices is Ubuntu Linux, a greatly enhanced Debian-based Linux distribution that installs easily, has the familiar Windows look and feel, and operates well on older hardware (expensive upgrade not required). Linux fans tout the positive attributes, often at high decibel levels, of Ubuntu Linux, which is perhaps the world's most popular Linux distribution. But, is it business worthy?
Let's first consider Ubuntu as a replacement for your Windows desktop or laptop operating system. Computer owners generally use an Internet browser, a word processing program, the occasional spreadsheet, an email application and almost nothing else. These computer owners may not realize that they're paying $150 to $300 for the OS and another $300 or more for the office suite--most of which they'll never use. Why add hundreds of dollars to a computer system that has a life expectancy of three to four years? Software costs often exceed hardware costs by two or three times. Small businesses resort to piracy or doing without needed software to compensate for those costs. Neither is a good choice.
The alternative puts you at odds with the accepted philosophy that Windows is your only choice for desktop computers and servers. The Linux concept requires that you step outside the standard box that Microsoft has placed you in, and realize that you have a choice that makes sense for you, your bank account, and your business.
Your Windows computers need an anti-virus program that hinders performance, anti-spyware software that you have to run manually to scan for all the nasties that invade your computing habitat, and a personal firewall to ward off those over-the-network attackers.
Alternatively, Ubuntu is free. You can download any version of it and use it for any purpose. Upgrades are also free. There's no need for any anti-virus software or anti-spyware applications on Linux, which comes with a personal firewall, if you want to use it.
Linux also comes to you with a free office suite, that includes Microsoft-compatible applications. They look and behave so much like Microsoft's office suite that you may never realize any difference between the two.
The rest of the article at PC World.


Friday, July 30, 2010

US Army Plans Private Cloud

Army Plans Private Cloud

APC2, the Army Private Cloud, will be a cornerstone of a broader data center consolidation initiative that aims to reduce the number of Army data centers from 200 to less than 20.

The Army is pushing forward with plans to deploy a private cloud computing environment. Last week, it issued a request for proposals for the project, which will be one of the cornerstones of a broader data center consolidation initiative that aims to reduce the number of Army data centers from 200 to less than 20. The Army Private Cloud, also known as APC2, will be contracted out in two separate pieces, and could cost as much as $249 million over the five-year lifespan of those contracts, according to the RFP and associated documents.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lenovo rolls out IdeaCentre A700 and B305 all-in-one desktop PCs | ZDNet

Lenovo rolls out IdeaCentre A700 and B305 all-in-one desktop PCs | ZDNet

Lenovo has rolled out a ton of new computers today, so let’s kick things off with the debut of the IdeaCentre A700 and B305 all-in-one desktop computers.

Targeted towards individuals and families rather than businesses, Lenovo has put a good deal of emphasis on design when it comes to its new A700 and B305 desktops.

Packaged in a curvy, aluminum casing, the A700 keeps things focused on home entertainment with JBL speakers with Dolby technology, DirectX 11 graphics and HDMI in/out support to connect and stream from various HD devices.

Lenovo has designed the B305 to target the gaming community as well, with the options of an AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core processor and optional DirectX 11 graphics.

There’s also a lot of room for customizing on each new Lenovo PC, with choices in memory, hard drive space and processor speeds. Here’s some of what you can get on both IdeaCentre computers.

10 More Smartphones That Will Fade Away Before 2011 - Mobile and Wireless from eWeek

10 More Smartphones That Will Fade Away Before 2011 - Mobile and Wireless from eWeek
Microsoft announced earlier this week that it has discontinued its Kin smartphones after just six weeks of availability. The devices, which focused heavily on social-networking activities, failed to live up to the hype Microsoft built for the Kin One and Kin Two. But the Kin smartphones aren't the only devices that will fail in 2010. Read on to see 10 other smartphones that, like Microsoft's Kin, will fail in 2010.

Friday, July 9, 2010

An all-in-one desktop from HP.

An all-in-one desktop

HP has introduced an energy-efficient, space-saving and clutter-free desktop PC, the HP All-in-One200, which reduces the number of cables required from 13 to one.
The HP All-in-One200 offers the performance of a traditional tower and monitor solution in one sleek, integrated design.

The All-in-One200 is simple to set up and fits easily in a kitchen, family room, home office or into a small business environment. Its features include:

  •  A 54.6 cm (21.5”) diagonal, 1080-pixel, LED backlit, high-definition display(2)
  • Display tilts up to 30 degrees and swivels from side to side
  • Integrated wall mount solution
  • Reduction of cables to 1 power cable from up to 13 cables
  • An integrated webcam and built-in microphone
  • Built-in wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n), enabling users to surf the web quickly and easily(3)
  • Integrated premium stereo speakers
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Optional TV tuner
  • Optional Win7 Pro edition for SoHo/SMB
  • The HP MediaSmart software suite, which offers a fun and easy way to enjoy digital content – including watching TV or movies, sharing photos via Snapfish by HP,(2) and burning music and videos to DVDs(4)
  • The HP All-in-One200 desktop PC starts at €699 and will be available at retail stores at the end of June

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